As one of the best general contractors in San Jose, CA, we perform custom home renovations, construction & design for every part of your home. Our mission is to provide dream living spaces to households without compromising on aesthetic, design, style, space & functionality. 

We also aim to create spacious living areas for each family in the Bay Area. From the kitchen, living to bathroom remodels in San Jose, CA, we offer almost anything

Preconstruction Planning

Preconstruction planning is a preliminary form of strategizing that ensures the job is done efficiently and accurately for every home. The goal is to understand the full scope of the project and its requirement for better execution. At the same time, it determines the initial budget needed to complete the project.

Aaron Bradley takes a practical, feasible, and result-oriented approach for every project that we make. We always start with expert consultation. Then, we discuss everything related to innovative designs, home upgrades, and renovations. When you choose us as your home contractor, we take the responsibility to execute a project on time and give expert advice. If you’re looking for Granite Countertops in Los Altos check Quintal’s Granite & Marble Inc. 

Architectural Modelling

Our architectural modeling involves making integral sketches in support of the preconstruction plan. Our process includes conceptual model making and creative brainstorming to give you a prototype closest to the final output.

Architectural Modelling involves a physical representation of a structure or architectural design. The 3D model can be made from various materials, including paper, blocks, and wood. With customized 3D models, you can quickly see and understand the scale and proportion of the proposed project. 

Our Services

Aaron Bradley offers highly professional home remodeling experts to bring you the most beautiful designs and strongest foundations.

Home Remodeling San Jose, CA

Aaron Bradley offers general home remodeling & renovation solutions tailored to the exact needs of California homeowners. We provide fully customized home renovation solutions for a complete makeover for your dream home. 

We can remodel your living room, bathroom, kitchen and even convert some rooms to make it a more ‘livable’ space. Let our professional home remodelers help you with your home improvement project.

With years of experience in remodeling and renovating homes in the Bay Area, there’s nothing that we can’t do. Consult with our experts and get a fully transformed home. 

Home Addition in San Jose, CA

Get more from your home with the help of the best home addition contractors. If you don’t feel satisfied with the amount of functional living or dwelling space that you have in your residence, we’d love to help you build a home addition.

As an experienced general contractor in San Jose, CA, we perform all kinds of home addition services for adding extra space to any home interior. We also make structural changes and storage room conversions.


Aaron Bradley provides accurate and reliable custom home improvement & home upgrades for every home in San Jose, CA. We’ve remodeled kitchens, redesigned living areas, and even added some rooms in different residencies in the Bay Area. Our team works tirelessly for our esteemed clients. They always look for quality and professional services for complete home remodeling & renovation.


We can help you get the job done on time, from kitchen remodels, bath upgrades, and room conversions to home additions. Feel free to speak with our expert general contractors in San Jose, CA. We’d make sure to get back to you as soon as we can. 

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